Voluntary assignments throughout Germany

The SES has been working in Germany since 1990. The first domestic assignments were completed at companies in the former East Germany prior to reunification.

Now, the SES supports small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organisations throughout Germany. It is also in demand as a partner to trade corporations and chambers of industry and commerce.

The SES has branched out into new areas since 2006. As well as helping service providers, the skilled trades, industry and commerce, its experts now also focus on supporting young people at school or in training within Germany.

Businesses – professional associations – organisations

As a foundation of German industry with close links to top business associations, the SES has a particular interest in supporting the private sector in Germany.

The SES has been active in this area since 1990, sometimes working on behalf of trade corporations and the German chambers of industry and commerce. It offers support to small, medium-sized and fledgling businesses, corporate successors, and non-profits – either via professional associations like these or directly.

New impetus for students

The SES has been supporting schools since 2006 with its scheme ‘Neue Impulse für Schülerinnen und Schüler’, which delivers new impetus for students. This initiative is aimed at all types of schools and ages. It supplements ordinary teaching with age-appropriate, creative and practical projects.

VerA initiative

The SES launched its VerA initiative for young people in vocational training at the end of 2008. It aims to prevent apprentices from dropping out of their courses. VerA helps youngsters who are having difficulties at their vocational college or the company where they are training, or who are experiencing personal problems.

Integration assistance

The SES has been supporting young refugees in Germany since 2015. Its experts help the youngsters to integrate into school, traineeships and everyday life.